Welcome to the STRAWBALE STUDIO, Oxford, MI.  

Strawbale Studio East Side 6-2014

Strawbale Studio East view

The Strawbale Studio Program joyfully weaves nature and people ~ as we build skills and connect with local re-sources.  Join in our natural building & sustainable living activities ! 




Blogpost on Earth Plaster, Cob & Earth Oven Workshop
Photos & writing by Jacquelyn Baker  5/28-29/2016

I worked alongside an Irishman and his wife, by some strange coincidence, and asked them endless questions about my upcoming trip to Ireland.

Earth Plaster on the Hobbit Sauna

Strawbale Studio Podcast: INTERVIEW by Permaculture Realized Podcast 
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          Some of our upcoming Events & Workshops

Thatching Natural Cottage Project 2012 (2)

Natural Cottage Project 2012

 Please see the Full CALENDAR  for all Activities 


September 24, 2016   P4 PARTY  – play, potluck, plan.

April – Sept, 2016  INTERNSHIPS
Attend one month or more. A great opportunity to learn skills, live in community and be with nature !  Join in the crew as an Intern, 1/2 Pay Worktrader or WWoofer.

  • APRIL  – VOLUNTEERS/ WOOFERS welcomed.This month will included a mix of resilient living & natural building skills, community outreach,  gardening & grounds.
  • MAY INTERNSHIP  / Work Trade / Wwoof 
  • JUNE INTERNSHIP  / Work Trade / Wwoof
  • AUGUST INTERNSHIP / Work Trade / Wwoof 
  • JANUARY 2017  WINTERNSHIP  2016 will be similar to last years schedule:  

          2015 Winternship Outline & Schedule   Winternship 2015 Blog & Pics
          Call for questions, check website for updates.

Additional Opportunities around the world

Building Inspiration: The Strawbale Studio

Interview  by:   Alternative Homes Today  Photos by Deanne Bednar

Building Inspiration: Deanne Bednar and The Strawbale Studio

Ross writes: A few years ago I left my cubicle and headed to southern Oregon for a 9-day course in natural building, and my view of home construction would never be the same. The traditional techniques being taught displayed the wisdom of centuries past, simpler …

CONTINUE READING for cool pictures … and see what this has to do with the Strawbale Studio !

A happy group on the Rocket Stove - Potluck tour 7-2014

Tour of Rocket Stove during Full Moon Potluck

DSCF5527 - Copy

Rocket Stove Workshop


Earth Plastering the Hobbit Sauna !

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Natural Building helps us connect again to our local natural environment,
to our own intuitive and innate creativity, and to each other.
It helps us to shift from an industrial, and often toxic building process
to one that is affordable, empowering, community-building and life-affirming.
We are co-creating ~ learning to dance in balance with nature


Sustaining this work  ~Yes, I would love to  DONATE !

You can also  visit Strawbale Studio’s original site (a.k.a. “Deanne’s Brain Space”) here: http://www.strawbale.pbworks.com/  

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