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Water dripping off Thatched Roof

Water drips off the Thatched Roof of the Strawbale Studio ~  1 min. Youtube video by Dana Driscoll. Lovely. Peaceful.  Functional.

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A day of exploring and conversations

Justin, Alli & Blake –exploring Thatching books, whittling & Hickory Nut Milk

Justin, Alli & Blake –exploring Thatching books, whittling & Hickory Nut Milk

Justin Poppo, a “regular” at the Strawbale Studio, visits while back home from his studies out East  in metal working.  Bringing his friends Blake Web and Alli Bodman, we have a wonderful day exploring … whittling, making Hickory Nut Milk, fixing a bark basket, browsing thatching books, looking at pics & videos from a Viking Timber Frame Workshop, and taking a tour of the land, including the Retreat Cabin site…..which Justin and Blake helped to build.      Ah, this is my idea of a way to spend (live) a snowy day in March.  A dream come true.           Deanne                                            more 

For whittling, we used the best carving knives in the house…Opinel brand, and I sharpened the others which aren’t as high quality, with a rectangular sharpening stone. Folks tried their hand using the tools, and Blake told a story of how the Vikings used a two-prong wooden fork to spear their food.  Justin found the Thatching Books I have, given to me by Chris McClellan who is encouraging me to do a booklet on the Thatching process that I have done over the last few years.  To make Hickory Nut milk,we crushed nuts (shells removed) by each of us taking turns mashing them with a wooden pole as a tamper on the cement floor, covered with a pillow case. The resulting crushed pieces will be soaked in water for a day or 2 to extract the oils, protein, vitamins and minerals. We tasted some that had been made a month ago by the Winterns, and made up a new batch of our own.  A bark basket needed repairing, so we creatively found some old bark and string and worked it all back together.

Justin, browsed thatching books from the Strawbale Studio library. He will no doubt create a thatched roof on his fantasy Round House some day. The gang went out for a tour to show Alli who had never been here before, the buildings. After the walk we cooked up some yummy organic food, while Blake who is studying natural healing shared a lot of stories about herbs and healing strategies. For instance some native traditions grate potatoes, squeeze out the juice and drink the raw potato juice to soothe stomach acidity and reduce constipation. Justin & Blake both attended the 2 week Natural Cottage Project Build in 2012 to construct the Retreat Cabin here at the Strawbale Studio land.

Making and cooking with Hickory Nut Milk Saucy Girls

Hickory Nut milk – strategies  Survival website

Nuts & tannins / phytic acid Weston Price

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