Earth Day 2014 in Rochester, Michigan



Ap Strawbale Studio Exhibit Tent. Ruthie in the foreground, Turtle Oven in the background.



April 26 – 28, 2014, the Strawbale Studio had an exhibit booth at the Earth Day Fest, with books to browse & buy, models to see & touch, workshop & activity handouts, and a place to sign up for the Strawbale Studio listserve.  Great interest from people all three days !


Mmmm. The Turtle oven is warm, and the baked cookies are sweet !

Dawn and Intern Ruthie fired up the “Traveling Turtle Earth Oven, and baked fresh cookies & cheese nachos to share with fair folks.



Jumping & crawling on the Strawbale Climb !

The Strawbale Climb area for the kids provided such fun. These lovely local bales are from Johnnie Spezias’ farm in Leonard !       More pictures: Earth Day 2014


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