Natural Cottage Project Workshop – The Sauna Addition !

Photos of the Sauna Addition, Natural Cottage Project Workshop July 19 – August 1, 2014

We just finished the 2 week workshop – from the foundation through the living roof !  Students constructed a rubble trench, field stone foundation, round pole and dimensional lumber frame with a living roof, strawbale wall system, window and door frames, insulated earthen floor, and tried their hand at earthen plasters, cob construction and thatching.  We did it all !  Lots of collaboration and work ! Teachers included Deanne Bednar, Chris McClellan, and the students themselves, especially Rodney Morgan, who has a lot of experience in carpentry and strawbale construction.

What a great team of folks attended this event, including support from locals folksto make it all possible:  the Hoyts” Ruth, Tom, Jack, Rachel, and Clair and her friend, Landon),  Micah Lindquist,  Justin Poppo, and Michelle McCoskey and Catherine Bristol, Fay Hanson & Jared Bogdonov Hanna and their O.U. Permaculture students, Doug Lovelace and others !  Our produce and eggs came from Chris & Jug Tarrs’ garden, Roods CSA and neighbors, Norma and Bill Abbott  and the Oakland University Student Organic Farm. Great thanks to those who helped post the workshop and especially Jess Tess for her help over several months !

carrying beam

emily and kerry - draw knife

Building the Stem Wall

Building the Stem Wall


Timber detail










cob wall and arch form

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