Quirky Moments on the Compost Furnace project

Experiments !  Can Shihaiya and Thomas flip the 21 bales off Dave & Dorindas truck without clipping the straps and separating the bales. DSCF4720 The answer is ……..  NOPE.  But it was a really good try.

Going back and forth to Almont to get 21 bales at a time was a lot of shuttling, but the scenery along the way was great.

We stopped the car at one beautiful place and Thomas climbed up a big old Oak tree.  That was one of the best moments.  Getting work done, and also being spontaneous.

The sun was shining, and the trees growing together over the road making a tunnel of enclosure.

So how was it, working with 1″ pex tubes?

DSCF5143DSCF5090Well ….really challenging because the temperature was cool, they weren’t bending easily, and somehow we were supposed to get 150′ of these pipes attached to a 4×12′ piece of cattle fence.  It was pretty much a left brain physics problem combined with wrestling an alligator.  Thomas and Shihaiya led the way, figuring out a good path for it all, while using up all 150 feet, and having the beginning and end of the pipe end up where it needs to be for attachment to other pipes.

Sometimes we watch and reflect . . .

DSCF4936 DSCF4914

The Compost Volunteer Gang Saturday October 11, 2014.

The Compost Volunteer Gang Saturday October 11, 2014.

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