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The AUGUST INTENSIVE Natural Building Skills Class

August Intensive 2015Six fabulous folks joined in during this Week-long Intensive Program ~ August 8 – 14th !  What a rich, productive and fun time we had. Hands-on activities included: base and finish plasters on the Hobbit Sauna and on an experimental strawbale, Cob Brick-making, Cob on the Garden Wall, Thatch demo on a small frame, Stone Wall construction on the Kid’s Cottage,

IMG_0002Round pole harvesting, repair of the Earth Oven Roof Frame, charred the post bottoms, and repaired a wheelbarrow ! Other experiments with notching and reading round logs. Presentation on Rocket Stove, and fired 2 of them up plus other presentations on foundations, framing, site, strawbale construction. Videos: Mud, Hands, a House. Building for a Small Planet, Ben Law: Round Pole & Thatching (English and Danish style). We attended the Permaculture Meetup on Suburban Farming.

IMG_0091Harvested & ate Shiitake Mushrooms from inoculated logs. Some folks learned whittling skills and made small projects… and lots of great food was created and shared.. After the class, Worktrader Aaron helped on a bunch of projects: clearing & adding compost to the Greenhouse, fixing the ventilation for the Red Shed,installed new stovepipes in the Strawbale Studio, fixed a bunch of wheelbarrows and much more. He & Micah finished framing the Cob Garden Wall of the Hobbit Sauna and things are looking great and moving along!!

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