Bio Char Demo with Karl & Gaylin Kaufman

165September 2015 Karl & Gayln Kaufman came to Strawbale Studio – to do a  low-tech biochar production demonstration. Biochar is charcoal from biomass, which effectively sequesters carbon for hundreds to thousands of years. We will utilize the Hawaiian pit pyrolysis technique popularized by Josiah Hunt. Local wood and biomass will be converted to char, and participants will take a bag of Biochar home to experiment with. Techniques to “charge” the biochar with nutrients, and the value of carbon sequestration for addressing climate change will also be discussed. Handouts describing the process and associated information will be provided.

Below, Mark Angelini does a smaller Bio Char demo during the S.E. Permaculture Mixer at the Strawbale Studio in 2015 DSCF7406

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