strawbale_lg_180dpi dana lynn driscoll 2013 - Copy STRAWBALE STUDIO  has been featured in a number of wonderful publications and websites, including

Books Illustrated by Deanne Bednar

 The Hand-Sculpted House
The Natural Plaster Book
The Cobber’s Companion: How to Build Your Own Earthen Home

Curriculum: Global Ecovillage Project  Collaboratively create
a model of an ecological community that is inspiring, fun, and restorative.

Videos & Slideshows relating to the Strawbale Studio Program

Co-creating with Earth ~ Wholly connected
Presentation & Slideshow for the Farmington Unitarian church 3/12/2017

Blogpost on Earth Plaster, Cob & Earth Oven Workshop
Photos & writing by Jacquelyn Baker  5/28-29/2016
I worked alongside an Irishman and his wife, by some strange coincidence, and asked them endless questions about my upcoming trip to Ireland.


Phragmites Reed Collection for Thatched Roof    by Petar Simic 1/2016
Deanne Bednar of the Strawbale Studio in Oxford, MI shows how to harvest Phragmites as reed for a thatched roof system. Thatched roof is a technique of roof building that has been used all….

PODCAST  by “PERMACULTURE REALIZED “!  Interview with Deanne Bednar about the formation of the Strawbale Studio & a variety of natural building techniques.  11/08/2015

FOX 2 NEWS Sustainability Segment on the Strawbale Studio May 15, 2015

 Local Sustainability: The HOBBIT SAUNA  at the Strawbale Studio   OrionONTV  – By Susan Lovelace 2014
▶ 2:22

Local Sustainability: RUMFORD FIREPLACE at  Strawbale Studio
OrionONTV   By Susan Lovelace 2014

Local Sustainability: LIVING ROOF at the Strawbale Studio 
OrionONTV  – By Susan Lovelace 2014 2

Local Sustainability: EARTH OVEN at the Strawbale Studio 
     OrionONTV  – By Susan Lovelace 2014


Foraged Brunch
 at the Strawbale Studio
May 17, 2014 -Video Production: Justin Holmes

Photography: Deanne Bednar, Ruthie Lane, Chelsea Emery, Justin Holmes
Music: Red Tailed Fox -Costa del Sol, Voices of the Lifestream, OC ReMix

Building Inspiration: Deanne Bednar and The Strawbale Studio
  Alternative Homes Interview  by Luke Rossman.Aug. 2014

 Nook inside the Strawbale Studio

   Strawbale Studio Sustainablity Harvest Dinner 

by Ellen Waara of  “Earth Talk” program,  local cable TV

Building I
nspiration:  The Strawbale Studio

Story by    Alternative Homes Today and photos by Deanne and others.

Building Inspiration: Deanne Bednar and The Strawbale Studio

A few years ago I left my cubicle and headed to southern Oregon for a 9-day course in natural building, and my view of home construction would never be the same. The traditional techniques being taught displayed the wisdom of centuries past, simpler …


Thatch & Cob

Thatched Roof in the rain  by Dana Driscoll 2014

Tara & Tylers pics of Thatching 2012

 10 second Clay Stomping video by Abdul Al-Fraih !

The 2012 Natural Cottage Project ~ Retreat Cabin: 

The Natural Cottage Project July 2012 ~ Miwa’s Blog     

 Laura’s Natural Cottage Project Blog       

 Laura’s NCP pics  Monica’s NCP pics         Eva Wimmers NCP pics

Fire and Stoves: 

The Smiling Face EARTH OVEN at Strawbale Studio  New Rocket Cookstove  

2012 Slideshow and Report.   How To Make a Rocket Stove   

Dana Driscoll’s blog ~ Strawbale Studio & Rocket Stove Cooker Workshop

 New Earth Oven Photos     Express Photo Guide for Making a Rocket Stove   

Green Radio interview of Deanne on Rocket Stoves


Homeschool pics     Homeschooling Blog


Kensington Kids Cottage ~ at the Kensington Metropark in Milford.-


2008 Oakland Press video of the Kensington Kid’s Cottage   Kids Cottage blog by Raisin River Institute   Kids Cottage Photos and Report   

Strawbale Studio & Activities

Foraged Brunch at the Strawbale Studio May 17, 2014 –
Video Production: Justin Holmes.
Photography: Deanne Bednar, Ruthie Lane, Chelsea Emery, Justin Holmes
Music: Red Tailed Fox – Costa del Sol, Voices of the Lifestream, OC ReMix-

Strawbale Studio Sustainablity Harvest Dinner  by Ellen Waara, “Earth Talk ” program for local cable TV.  YouTube video   Strawbale Studio     Photos     Candle MakingWorkshop Video by Sue Lovelace


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