Full Moon Potluck & Bonfire

Be sure to RSVP so we can call if there is a cancellation, especially due to winter weather  🙂  

Welcome to the Potluck…
   What to expect ….
      What to bring ….
           Where to go ….
                 How to RSVP
                      What date & time each month. 

Full Moon Potluck !

Full Moon Potluck !

Join in celebrating together. By this simple process, we reconnect with the elemental beauty of creation and human community.

This is a great time for folks who haven’t been to the Strawbale Studio to visit, tour, and meet others. There are also the “regulars” – neighbors and friends – who frequently attend. There usually is wide age range and a number of children !

Feel free to bring musical instruments …and share your local economy if you wish:  things to sell, your business cards…and such!

100_0432While this is a free community event ~ donations are (joyfully) accepted ~ with a goal to provide scholarships to enable 5 low-income individuals to attend a workshop this year !

What to expect:

  • 6:00 pm   (5p Winter Hours) Meet in the main house.for the GUIDED TOUR the Strawbale Studio buildings & projects  (If you prefer,you can browse the resource books, wander the land, or socialize)      
  • 7:30 pm    (Winter 6pish)  Potluck meal followed by a Bonfire, or gather around the wood stove fire in the Strawbale Studio, wander the buildings and land.

What to bring: 

  • Bring food to share.  We do a “go around” before the meal, so you can share what you know about your food.  There is a wide variety in eating styles. All are welcome. Bring something you enjoy.
  • Bring your own plates and utensils if you can.
  • Dress for the outdoors, and bring a flashlight if you can!
  • Bring your musical instruments you like to play.
  • Promote Local Economy …. if you would like.  Bring things to sell or barter.

How to RSVP

appreciated several days in advance if you can.  Leave your name & phone number – in case we need to contact you.  There have been a few unexpected cancellations due to weather or illness, so the RSVP is useful.

Contact person: RSVP to Deanne at 248 236 5432  (message or text) or email ecoartdb@gmail.com.  I might not get back with you. Come anyway.  The RSVP is to get a sense of numbers…and to call/contact  folks if there is some change in plans.

Check on Schedule Changes? Call or check the website to see if there are any changes in the plans, especially if the weather is rough.

Where to go:

  • The Strawbale Studio is on wooded rural land in Northern Oakland County, one hour north of Detroit.  Details on how to get here.
  • Meet at the main house.  Deanne 248 236 5432 or ecoartdb@gmail.com. You can park in the meadow on the right, or drive up to the house if you need to unload, or special situation.

Dates & time: The FULL MOON BONFIRE is held monthly throughout the year at the Strawbale Studio on the date of the full moon.  We meet rain or shine, although there may be conditions or situations that prevent this gathering, so please RSVP with your phone number, or check the website if you think there might be a cancellation.

                     2017 FULL MOON Schedule 

Jan. 12 Wolf Moon Thursday 5p Tour, 6p Potluck & bonfire Moon rise 
Feb. 10 Snow Moon  Friday 5p Tour, 6p Potluck & bonfire 5:53p
Mar. 12 Worm Moon Sunday 5p Tour, 6p Potluck & bonfire 5:51p
Apr. 11 Pink Moon Tuesday  6p Tour, 7p Potluck & bonfire 8:41p
May 10 Flower Moon Wednesday 6p Tour, 7p Potluck & bonfire 8:30p
June 9 Strawberry Moon Friday 6p Tour, 7p Potluck & bonfire 9:28p
July 9 Buck Moon Sunday 6p Tour, 7p Potluck & bonfire 9:29p
Aug. 7 Sturgeon Moon Monday 6p Tour, 7p Potluck & bonfire 8:46p
Sept. 6 Harvest Moon Wednesday 6p Tour, 7p Potluck & bonfire 8:26p
Oct. 5 Hunter’s Moon Thursday 5p Tour, 6p Potluck & bonfire 7:28p
Nov. 4 Beaver Moon Saturday 5p Tour, 6p Potluck & bonfire 7:12p
Dec. 3 Cold Moon Sunday 5p Tour, 6p Potluck & bonfire 5:32p

* Have you ever wondered why full Moons were given these names?
Learn more about full moon names and get the fascinating facts behind their meanings!

Interesting Full Moon Information

Future years !  Mark your calendars?  🙂  But check back in to make sure !

Month/Year 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
January Jan 12

Jan 1

Jan 31

Jan 21

Jan 10

Jan 28

February Feb 10

Feb 19

Feb 9

Feb 27

March Mar 12

Mar 1

Mar 31

Mar 20

Mar 9

Mar 28

April Apr 11

Apr 29

Apr 19

Apr 7

Apr 26

May May 10

May 29

May 18

May 7

May 26

June Jun 9

Jun 28

Jun 17

Jun 5

Jun 24

July Jul 9
12:08 A.M.
Jul 27
4:22 P.M.
Jul 16
5:39 P.M.
Jul 5
12:44 A.M.
Jul 23
10:37 P.M.
August Aug 7
2:12 P.M.
Aug 26
7:58 A.M.
Aug 15
8:31 A.M.
Aug 3
11:59 A.M.
Aug 22
8:02 A.M.
September Sep 6
3:04 A.M.
Sep 24
10:54 P.M.
Sep 14
12:35 A.M.
Sep 2
1:23 A.M.
Sep 20
7:54 P.M.
October Oct 5
2:41 P.M.
Oct 24
12:47 P.M.
Oct 13
5:10 P.M.
Oct 1
5:06 P.M.
Oct 31
10:51 A.M.
Oct 20
10:57 A.M.
November Nov 4
1:24 A.M.
Nov 23
12:41 A.M.
Nov 12
8:37 A.M.
Nov 30
4:32 A.M.
Nov 19
3:59 A.M.
December Dec 3
10:48 A.M.
Dec 22
12:50 P.M.
Dec 12
12:14 A.M.
Dec 29
10:30 P.M.
Dec 18
11:37 P.M.

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