May Internship ~ 2017

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May 2017 Activity Outline

Week 1 Orientation & Foundations

  • Orientation to land, structures, recycling systems, materials, food, worktrade, schedule.


  • Materials Continuum
  • Composting & Recycling Systems
  • Foundations and Site Design

Planned Activity Dates

  • May 5 Friday 1-5p :  Volunteer Day ~ Earth Plastering. PM
  • May 5 Friday 7:30 -9:30p: Celebration of activities completed. Bonfire or Movie Night.
  • May 6, Saturday.  Day Off.  Deanne to Gaia singing.
  • xxxx  Flex Day.


Week 2 Framework  

Classes:  Frames & Notching.

Activities:  A-frame, disassemble.  Re-lash one.  Thatch to paths.

  • May 10  Full Moon Potluck and PC Meetup
  • May 14, Sunday Foraged Brunch
  • May 15 Alpaca. Tree Top Lodge, Oxford MI
  • May 17 Baker College.  Earth Plaster together.
  • May 28  Family Adventure Day.  Redo log loft ladder, Make a small one as individuals.
  • Video: Building Codes for a Small Planet, Mud, Hands, a House, Ben Law, Round Pole.  Alone in the Wilderness.
  • Strawbale Studio.  Surrounds and Earth Plaster maintenance. Interior ceiling. Wood Pile to Bio Char Pit.  
  • Grounds:  Lane saftey with poles and metal.
  • Repair of Buried Boat Root Cellar.
  • Stone Kiva
  • Soak Mushrooms.
  • KENSINGTON – mason bees.  Interior art.  Stay At Debbies or GREEN LAKE. aaron. Madison, fund project.  water glass:  coffee can forge


Biochar class with Jared.

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