April 2017 Newsletter

Strawbale Studio Newsletter:  Rebirth April 2017

May thru Sept             INTERN & WORKTRADE  by the month. 
 APRIL 21-23                Rochester EARTH DAY FEST !
                                        SBS Exhibit & SB climbing Pyramid for kids

                                        Fabulous family event in Rochester MI, with lots of activities !

MAY 14,  2017              FORAGED BRUNCH   (see the VIDEO)
Special Mothers Day Discounts ! 
 MAY 28 2017              FAMILY ADVENTURE DAY
 JUNE 16 & 17 2017     EARTH OVEN WORKSHOP  in Ypsilanti
 JULY 1 – 9 2017          SKILL BUILDER 9 Day Natural Building  Intensive
 APR – SEPT 2017        monthly INTERNSHIPS & Work Trade
 SEPTEMBER 23, 2017 20th CELEBRATION of the Strawbale Studio
 JANUARY 2018             WINTERNSHIP
UPDATES ~ on the Strawbale Studio 

100_0267On March 12, Deanne spoke at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Farmington on Connecting to the Earth and March 21 was guest presenter at Grand Valley College Agricultural Program, helping them get started on a Rocket Mass Stove for their greenhouse.  This included design, soil testing, a mockup of a Rocket Cooker and a slideshow! April 16 was our foraging workshop where Deanne was joined by co-teacher Kelly Thiele, who is a certified mushroom harvester in Michigan.  We all had a great time spending the day with our plant friends and meandering on the land. 
dscf9798April Interns came !
 Cassidy, Alice and visiting others: Emerson, Peter, Charlie !  We are doing a wide variety of natural building and sustainable living skills, and are integrating into the larger permaculture movement through the Full Moon Potluck and the Oakland County Permaculture Meetup.  Through these exploration they are finding meaingful pathways to sustainability and learning how to bring it home !

Permaculturist Jared Bogdonov-Hanna is assisting in the design & coordination of the agroforest systems at Strawbale Studio, as well as designing systems for recycling of nutrients from the land ~ wood to Hugel Kulture, biochar and ashes, as well as compost systems.

LINKS ~ inspiring opportunities & ideas 
Woodlanders Trailer from series Inhabit.  4 min. Really fabulous.
   ….. Which part would you get inspired by? Bittersweet? Mushrooms? Chestnuts?
   ….. Interested in learning to think and speak in a way that is more connecting?  
2017 Compassion Course is starting soon, and YOU CAN JOIN it online !
I participated in the 2016 course and HIGHLY RECOMMEND this process. 
The Course is a weekly email with a theme, story and practice activity plus
links to other ways you can expand your learning.
Based on Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg.
         Deep, meaningful, clear, inspiring, do-able ! 
Midwest American Mycological Information !  Edible Mushroom hunting in MI
photo 3
I hope you enjoy these references & videos !
and see you soon at Strawbale Studio for time together with nature.
Warmly, Deanne
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LOCAL LIVING Resources !

Re-localize  Re-Skill  Re-connect !  

Reweaving our lives together with nature & community.   

Local Living resolves a lot of our current problems & instead provides us with health and fulfilling connections in many ways.  Local Living uses less energy for transportation & packaging.   Local Food is fresher, more fun and connected. Local living supports the local economy, plus we can know the plants or the plant growers.  Organic food is healthy for the environment and animals, including us humans ! It calls us outside, we are more “embodied”,  exercised, and local living can easily include socializing.

Happy Happy.  Needs of humans and the earth getting met in a way that is healthy and thoughtful…all the way back to the source. This process creates a connection to the inter-relatedness of All Life & is a motivation for gratitude & co-creation.

local breakfast on picnic tableI am gradually transitioning to a mostly local diet… local honey, maple syrup, eggs, some meats, local milk, foraging, CSA vegetables 6 months of the year and preserving food for the winter (fermenting, drying, canning, winter greens in the hoophouse, sprouting seeds). My next step is to find a local source for grains & to planting more perennial plants here, like June Berries.

Here are some ways to connect to local re-sources ! 

Spring ForagingFORAGING !  A direct relationship, with no planting or tending !  Find your local plant friends and develop a relationship !  Harvest daily from your back yard. Let sections go a little wild, and things will grow, or bring some plants or seeds in and let it do its thing.  Attend an HERB WALK or Plant Walk.  Jim McDonald is an awesome local herbalist.  Super informative website.  MSU foraging.  Foraging in Michigan ~ lots of pics.

Join a Foraging Club or start one.   Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club.

 Image result for pictures of community supported agCSA– Community Supported Agriculture. Farm to Table. Buy a “share” of the harvest food from a local farmer. Pick up a box of food each week during the growing season.  Optional, recommended ~  harvest the food ! Search by zipcode ! Two CSA’s I know & love:  Upland Hills Farm CSAThree Roods CSA

FARMERS  MARKETS !  Search by zipcode.  Two markets I know and love:  Royal Oak Farmers Market.  Eastern Market – Detroit.

Related imageOther LOCAL FOOD.  Search around for Local Honey
, Eggs, Milk, Meat.  Check out the Maple Syrup & program at Kensington Metropark Farm Center on Metro Moms website ~ a Other LOCAL FOOD.  Search around for Local Honey, Eggs, Milk, Meat.  Check out the Maple Syrup & program at Kensington Metropark Farm Center on Metro Moms website ~ fabulous source for LOCAL EVERYTHING ! Cider, Fruit, other!  I am gradually transitioning to a mostly local diet…Local honey, maple syrup, eggs, some meats, vegetables 6 months of the year, preserving for winter (fermenting, drying, canning, winter greens in the hoophouse, sprouting seeds)

GAn image of a nice little girl in the kitchen-gardenrow Yur Own ! Dance & co-create with other life forms !  Google search for Gardens. Permaculture. Container Gardening. Vertical Gardening. Hoophouse gardens for growing winter salads. Kale, arugula, spinach, Japanese greens, can all freeze and thaw and live all winter in an unheated hoophouse ! Cover crops. 

Let’s go S.L.O.W. ~  S.easonal, L.ocal, O.rganic, W.hole,

Grow food with others: Community gardens: find one or start one somewhere ! Community Gardening !   MSU extension links ! Master Gardener links, including Native Species.


Sauerkraut ~ purple cabbage from local East River Organic Farm !

PRESERVING food: dehydrating, fermenting, canning, smoking and salting….
Fermenting.  Traditional way to preserve and increase nutrients and proprobiotics ! Small yeasties and beasties !  Sourdough wraps ! Sauerkraut, kombucha, yoghurt + more. Very easy, and like a pet…needs a little attention.  “Wild Fermenting”, “The Art of Fermentation” Sandor Katz.  I also love drying food, making sour kraut, kombucha, sourdough wraps and more !
FUN and very interactive with the liveliness around us at the micro level !


NATURAL BUILDING & Sustainable skills.  Strawbale Studio outside Oxford, MI has classes and opportunities to tour, learn, network.  Strawbale Construction, Living & Thatched Roofs, Earth Ovens, Rocket Stoves, Fermenting, Foraging and more !   The Kids Cottage at Kensington Metropark FARM CENTER, is open to the public and a great place to take kids to hang out and explore.  Tillers International, a farm education center in mid Michigan offers a lot of traditional skill classes, too .

Compassionate Communication.  Non-Violent Communication … an “awareness discipline masquerading as a communication process”.  Getting along, connecting, getting our needs met joyfully.

Image result for triple bottom line

Triple Bottom Line. Valuing not just profit, but all three “bottom lines” : the “Environment, Economics & Equity”.  Another way to say it is valuing “People, Profit and the Planet”.  Or “Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share”.

Michigan Interfaith Power & Light Connecting Faith & Sustainability
MIPL Facebook Support for Congregations to be ecological & address climate change, including this resource:   Green Sanctuary Manual This 118-page guide was updated by the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations in 2009.  The program it outlines is meant to “give roots and wings to the vision of a world in which all people make reverence, gratitude, and care for the living Earth central to their lives,”&  suggests specific activities that congregations of all denominations can do to further these goals.

Permaculture gardenPermaculture uses environmental design to meet human needs while supporting the ecosystem.

Permaculture: The Growing Edge Trailer –  2.27 min

Permaculture and the Sacred.  Youtube Keynote to Harvard Divinity School by Starhawk.

Transition Culture.   Taking the resources we have now to make the transition to a sustainability ~ ecologically, economically, socially !   How to do it !

Kids don't remember their best day of television.

Parks & Programs
Get lost in nature at these five S. E. Michigan Parks.  Walk, bike, rent a canoe, contemplate, breathe or play !
30 Simple Ways to Immerse your Kids in Nature. 

GET EMBODIED !   I am really appreciating the many ways  Hamsa Yoga of Lake Orion meets so many of my needs to be centered, strong, flexible, connected to life.  Also recommended is  Karma Yoga.Karma Yoga. Bloomfield Hills, MI.


Why not co-create an inspiring list of LOCAL RESOURCES with your family or group ?

Re-localize  Re-Skill  Re-connect !         “Think Global, Act Local” !


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Exploring Life. Clearing the garden bed.

I got myself outside.  I am always amazed at what I experience.

Simply clearing up the beds right outside the kitchen door. dead stalks, leaves, I notice things….some stalks don’t pull up…the roots stay in the ground.  goldenrod. perennials, strongly rooted. O.K… they will come back again this year.  This part of the garden is creating on its own.  I tend a bit. As I continue I find intriguing things. . . Continue reading

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February Newsletter 2017

Strawbale Studio Newsletter Feb 2017  ~ Resilience  🙂
Image result for oakland county permacultureWednesday Feb 8     at Gardner Walsh in Pontiac

559 Orchard Lake Road, PontiacMI (map)

Join about 30 others who are interested in living in harmony with natural systems. Monthly gatherings at various locations & farms in the Oakland Co, Michigan. Each include a skill-share, potluck & awesome networking. Delightful folks!

Campfire NCP 2015 Burton Ohio


Friday Feb 10    at Strawbale Studio
Free family-friendly gathering to enjoy each other and nature ! Winter Hours: Tour at 5p.Potluck at 6:30p then bonfire. Enjoy socializing, networking, sharing & music in the Strawbale Studio, main house, or around the firepit. Bring food to share, and maybe some instruments ! Details here. Please RSVP with name, phone, email. DIRECTIONS

Next Full Moons:  Mark your calendars?  Sunday March 12, Tuesday April 11 * note summer hours start: tour 6p, potluck 7p, Tuesday May 10.  Click Full Moon link for all 2017 potluck dates.

DSCF2635Foraging Class – plants on the land for food and medicine. Foraged Brunch – foraging and cook a meal on the Outdoor Rocket Cooker ! Fermentation!  Kombucha, Sour Dough Wraps, Butter & more. Traditional Crafts Weekend: Wood Carving & Fermenting and more +++   2 1/2 day Fire Retreat! Earth Oven – hands on construction of a small model, everything you need to know to make one at home + Rocket Stove Class – hands mockup of the combustion unit, principles and design. Dig Plants to take Home ~  There are many plants on the land that would love to go home with you. Very easy to grow.  By donation. Strawbale Construction class, based on the new Michigan Code. 
9 Day Intensive Class late July.  

If you are interested in any of the above, or want to plan something for your youth or adult group, let me know.  Deanne 248 236 5432ecoartdb@gmail.com 😉



December Candle Classes and
January Weekend Classes were awesome:  

Thatching & Reed Collection, Round Pole Framing with Deanne & Micah Linquist,
Rocket Stoves & Earth Oven.  So much fun
& learning !

See the Blogpost and pictures here !
       INSPIRING LINKS ~ opportunities & ideas 
Social Permaculture: Getting Along. Principles of eco-nature applied to human nature.  Inspiring.
Image result for tiny housesTiny House Codes   
Check out what is going on with codes. FYI There are some legal tiny houses in Cleveland and Detroit.
  Johanna Macy article in Yes! Magazine January 2017.
“Intention is what you can count on: not the outcome, but the motivation you bring, the vision you hold, the compass setting you choose to follow. Our intention and resolve can save us from getting lost in grief.”
A New We   Trailer video of a movie on Ecovillages in Europe. Building a new model.
 Online support for coordinating teams & projects !
Dear Ianto and Linda, and all at Cob Cottage,
Can you help us spread the word?
Summer 2012To see photos of the barn construction, which is in it’s last phases, as well as Ionia, the community, see our website: www.ionia.org. You don’t need any money to come, just the freedom to follow your passions for learning more about natural buildings and explore life in a homesteading community. The village of Ionia has big gardens, and lots of daily happenings with plenty of children running around and four babies being born this spring. We don’t use marijuana, light alcohol is usual but we keep the property sugar and animal food free. We are located a half hour from town and there are daily rides in.  We are hoping to gather a vibrant cadre of people to work together daily on the barn this year and learn from each other. We have experienced timber framers, masons, plumbers, carpenters, lite straw/clay builders and plasterers on site. 
This year, we are applying finish plasters; installing ceiling boards and natural insulation; building two rocket mass heaters; timber framing bannisters and building big barn doors. We need a cadre of serious natural builders to join our teams, and all levels of experience are welcome. If we are compatible, we hope for a six week – 3 month commitment, beginning in May. Please contact me or Ann at longhouse@ionia.org if you are interested in this once in a lifetime experience! 
where common sense comes alive

Eliza Ann Eller

54932 Burdock Road
Kasilof, Alaska  99610

(907) 262-2824

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Fire Dynamics ! Round Pole & Earth Oven Workshop

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

January 18 & 29, 2017

This elemental class started with a hand-on exploration of the evolution of fire usage, and how fire works. We FIRED IT UP … moving from a bonfire to reflective bricks, to a chimney and a Rumford Fireplace …to a metal woodstove.  Then we warmed water on a Rocket Stove Outdoor Cooker, which demonstrated the dynamics of the combustion unit of the Rocket Stove Mass Heater in the pole barn which heats a bench. Firing up the heated bench was a highlight and shear pleasure to sit on !    A joy to be Fire-making all day long !

The workshop included a class on the principles of rocket stoves and the brick mockup construction of the Rocket Stove combustion unit.  The earthen materials used on a Rocket Stove were demonstrated: cob (without straw), finish earth plaster, and earthen mortar for the bricks.

Sunday we learned the basics of Earth Oven design, and made a small model of an earth oven first stages: laying the brick floor, removable sand mold for the oven dome, then shaping the oven mass over the sand mold with “oven mud”. The weekend culminated in making pizza in the Sun Earth Oven ! Yum.    

Students: Chrystal, storyteller from Detroit, Tim & Emily from the South Bend, Indiana area. Tim works with kids and permaculture, Emily – a counselor for immigrants. Kelly,  musician, works with disabled adults. Angela from Detroit, organic gardener & community spirited. 

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Thatching & Reed Collection workshop

Jan 14 & 15, 2017  

What a fun and intensive weekend.  With Deanne,as instructor, now the whole crew of Gene, Sonnie, Alex, Kelly and Jacob & Jenny !know the basics of reed harvesting and thatching a small roof !

Sonnie is a Danish carpenter, Kelly and Alex are from Detroit and make music, Gene works with youth and loves woodworking. He is making windows and a door for the Kids Cottage.  Jacob from West Bloomfield is very involved with ecological activities. Jenny  is a journalist who has taken a Permaculture Design Course.  What a crew 🙂  What a weaving of souls.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sonnie stayed on a few days … she build a bench for the main house, and we re-ridged the thatching on the east gable end of the Kids Cottage.  We used the Oak and Oat method. She learned how tobsplit a log and create a “Crows’ Tree”, the Oak X that holds down the oat straw.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Compassionate Communication


Here are a few of my favorite ways to learn about a way of thinking and communicating called NVC which stands for Non-violent Communication.  This process, developed over the last 50 years by Marshall Rosenberg, is being evolved by many folks and is sometimes called  “compassionate communication”, “communication that connects” and “effective communication”.
Communication connects all life together, from the ecological to the social & political worlds. I believe this kind of communication is one of the most important skills we can learn.
         Enjoy the practice, the challenge, the outcomes !   Warmly, Deanne

We Practice To

•Be more compassionate with ourselves and others by increasing our awareness of our feelings and needs

•Distinguish our actual observations from our story about what happened

•Translate our judgmental thoughts into the underlying feelings and needs

•Listen empathically

•Receive “hard to hear” statements without taking it personally

•Make Requests

•Support our own values while honoring the needs of others

•Connect with a sense of aliveness and appreciation

Image result for nonviolent communication Words are windows, or they’re walls,

They sentence us, or set us free.

When I speak and when I hear,

Let the love light shine through me. –Ruth Bebermeyer

VIDEO 11 min. By Brian Johnson summarizing the book “Nonviolent Communication~ The Language of Life” by Marshall Rosenberg

Does blame contribute to violence? 
This audio with powerpoint images is a 1 hour webinar with 
Francois Beausoleil of the Blame Free State Institute.  The first 3 minutes are an introduction.  Hang in there, it’s good. It also covers the basics of NVC.   February 7, 2017

  • NVC BASICS AUDIO  These videos are where I started learning about NVC – on a blackberry.  Marshall Rosenberg shares his journey with creating this language of the heart, language that connects. It’s one of my favorite way to learn non-violent communication. Maybe you would like to try the first 15 minutes, or the first segment and find out what you think.

Image result for nonviolent communication0:00:34 SESSION #1 Introduction
1:00:54 SESSION #2 Applying NVC
2:08:44 SESSION #3 Honesty
3:12:44 SESSION #4 Empathy part one
4:20:42 SESSION #5 Relationships
5:18:34 SESSION #6 Authority
6:14:06 SESSION #7 Empathy part two
7:10:35 SESSION #8 Social Change
8:00:18 SESSION #9 Sincere Gratitude

VIDEO: Marshal Rosenberg demonstrates Non-Violent Communication 11 min.  Quite engaging and revealing.

VIDEO: Marshal Rosenberg, This thing called Love.

10 Tips for Effective Communication – great article summarizing techniques

Transforming Anger to Compassionate Connection. Awesome article.
Worth the read.  See if you agree with these ideas.  
Free Download of Book: What’s Making You Angry? by Shari Klein and Neill Gibson

Image result for nonviolent communicationCauses of Anger – Audio by Marshall Rosenberg

Creating a Life-Serving Situation Within Oneself: Marshall Rosenberg:

Experiencing Needs as a Gift: Marshall Rosenberg audio
There is a section that is special to me from 20:00 to 40:00 min

Parenting with Nonviolent Communication (NVC)NVC Academy108,221 views

 NVC on Honesty. Youtube   Jeff Brown. 

Nonviolent Communication with Jeff Brown Maharishi University 

How do I give critical feedback without sounding mean?

Thriving as an NVC Trainer: Jeff Brown

nvc honesty jeff brown Q and A

Restorative Circles Training Jeff Brown

FULL – Nonviolent Communication Workshop – Marshall Rosenberg 

The article below isn’t NVC, but it has some interesting information.  NVC would say, anger is the Light on the Dashboard, saying “some need is not being met”.
How to Use Anger Productively: 10 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

Not NVC, but an article from a Zen magazine.
How to Transform Anger into Connection: 10 Tips for Peaceful Words …

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Candle-making Classes

December 10th & 11th, 2016

What a joy to come together in the cold of winter to make candles…of local bees wax …with a sweet smell.  Celtic music in the background.  Children, parents, all ages.

One person said, “Every day should be like today ! ”

We also sculpted candlestick holders and decorated match boxes with things from nature, like birch bark and seed pods …making a nice “warmth of the season” gift set.


Hey, anyone have pics from the Dec 10th Class?  There must be some awesome ones somewhere !  That was a fabulous day, and the kids were so engaged.

Folks that attended:  Lori & Gil, Caleb & Sam… Paul, Linda, Holly, Vicki, Sue, Suzy, Caryn, Hazel, Drake, Nancy Lou, 3 children, Julie and Eric !   Dorinda and Agnus, Dave and children Maria and sister  joined in candle-making on January 3rd.  

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Strawbale Studio Newsletter Oct 2016 +


Included in this newsletter are…. 

*upcoming activities    * what’s been happening    * eco-learning tidbit  

A happy group on the Rocket Stove - Potluck tour 7-2014  upcoming  

FOR THE PUBLIC, held during the Winternship.   3

  • Jan 14-15   Thatching  Class

  • Jan 20+21   Round Pole Class

  • Jan 28+29  Rocket Stove & Fire Class

  • Feb 5+6       Earth Plaster  & Sculpting Class

strawbale-wall-installing-pekem-tileswhat’s been happening     

  • Internship & Worktrade each month, May through September, 2016.
    Students from Detroit , the region and the greater U. S. attended, along with folks from France, UK & Germany.  Sweet !

  • The Sauna Hobaddition and Cob Garden wall have made much progress, with finish plasters, living roof, Rumford Fireplace and more, thanks to all the awesome intern and volunteers !

  • The Kids Cottage has been re-ridged with Oak Timbers and Oat Straw, the Rocket Stove is finished off, the East wall and loft continuing, a beautiful door constructed by Gene Villeni.

  • The Thatched Woodshelter by the Strawbale Studio, and the Spiral Chamber were re-ridged by some enthusiastic and capable students ! Fabulous thatching styles. Wait till you see the pics.

  • In the Spring, Deanne Bednar spent a week as a visiting artist at MSU Residential College of Arts & Humanities, co-creating a natural building project (a strawbale wall with bee habitat) as a collaboration with Steve Baibaks “Found Materials” art class and Pekham folks.

  • In October this project expanded to co-create a bus stop as a collaboration between the art class, engineering department and Pekham residents.  The project is under development.

  • Outreach was made through Earth Day Exhibits, CreekFest, and other ecological venues.

  • Students attended from Waldorf School and other programs.

  • A 20th Celebration of Strawbale Studio is being planned for 2017 🙂

  • More activities and photos will be listed in the end of the year report !


img_2527eco-learning tidbit       

Check out the new Strawbale Studio Videos !




DSCF1753Volunteers longed for 🙂

  • To help post events online & at place-based locations

  • Connections to Colleges & Organizations ~ who might be interested in learning sustainable skills at the Strawbale Studio.

  • Grants who can help make scholarships & Internships possible.

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September 2016 Internship




Jacob, Tanya, Niklas, Jameela & A’alia !
Here is what we accomplished together !

Hobaddition  & Courtyard area



  • Install S window and door wall
  • Plaster interior walls with Earth Plaster.
  • Light Clay & Straw infill over door wall
  • Cob around windows and doors on south side of Hobaddition.
  • Screens attached between the rafters on the Green Roof for ventilation.
  • Clerestory triangle in-filled with green bottles and cob earthen mix,


  • Applied finish earth plaster to Sauna exterior wall in west courtyard
  • Wattle & Daub infill around the Rumford Fireplace Pipe in the Cob Garden Wall.
  • dscf9978
  • Added layers of soil to the Hobaddition roof. Rotted wood, straw, horse compost.
  • Transferred plants from Sauna to Hobaddition Living roof.




  • Build East Loft
  • Build and insulate E wall with cob bricks & purlite
  • Rocket Stove set up. Cob around stove & the bench.
  • Oak & Oat ridge. Cut, split logs, shaped with a hatchet or machete,
  • drilled hole & assembled with wire.

October: Jacob stayed on, and with Gene Vilenni & Deanne the following was finished:   Main sides of Oak & Oat Ridge thatched cap. Made infinity pillows and straw slugs, and assembled all on the roof to make a new ridge cap.  Fixed door details & staining details. Plastic on all windows to close the building in.  Install and stabilize Rocket Stove chimney.

dscf9966Skills ~

  • Round Pole Demo
  • Dig Earth from pipeline and bring to site.  Sift to 1/2,” ¼” & 1/8” for different uses.
  • Mix Base and Finish Earth Plasters
  • Make Cob mixes and Cob Bricks.
  • Chopped and split wood
  • Gene Vilenni taught wood construction using power tools
  • Spoon and Knife Carving

Gardening / Food ~

  • Pizza in the Earth Oven, make the dough and sauce
  • Soaked and harvested Shiitake Mushroom logs.
  • Harvested, sliced and dehydrated tomatoes & vegies.
  • Gathered eggs from Dave & Dorinda’s Farm
  • Jason makes Pita Bread and Artisan Bread.  Deanne teaches Sour Dough Wraps
  • Lots of great meals, shared cooking.

CLASS in DESIGNING a small  home.


  • Hay bale stacking in Dave & Dorinda’s barn, helping them with their newly harvested hay bales from their field
  • Day of exploration in Detroit.
  • Visit to Rennaisance Festival
  • Jamella & A’alia visit the neighbor family, The Abbots and help harvest and can food from their garden.


  • Permaculture Meetup
  • Full Moon Potluck.
  • Monitored and measured Waterfall levels.
  • Final Ceremony. Bonfires, Drums, guitar music



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